14 May 2018

Military machines on the march to the Show

A splendid array of military machinery will be on parade at the Show.

Show visitors can really get up close and gauge the size and strength of tanks and armoured vehicles from WW2 to the mid-1970s, and experience that military might first-hand with a tank ride. 

Among the military stars of the Show will be a very special 1942 M3 Grant Tank (pictured above). This particular machine was used as a target to secretly test captured German ammunition to allow the Allied Forces to improve armoured protection on their vehicles. It took thousands of hits in its vital research role, and is still peppered with countless bullet holes because owner Carl Brown has chosen to keep it in a highly original condition, complete with rust. However, it still runs and will take to the tank arena at the Show. 

You can’t have a live-action tank display without a Sherman, and the 1943 M4A1 due to appear at the Show is a splendid example of the main Allied tank from WW2. The Isle of Wight Tank Museum rescued it from a range and began a restoration that featured in the Tank Overhaul TV programme. Work stopped when funds ran out and Jez Marren stepped in, bought the tank and began a four-year restoration. Powered by a Continental R975 nine-cylinder radial engine – as used in certain US fighter planes – it features a 75mm main gun, two Browning 30 calibre machine guns and a B50 calibre machine gun. More...